Allegheny County Analytics Tools

The links below provide access to analytic tools designed to address specific queries related to service data from the Allegheny County Department of Human Services. With the exception of QuickCount, access to these tools is restricted to authorized users. If you believe that you have been mistakenly denied access to these tools, please contact




QuickCount allows for queries about participation in a wide range of services from data integrated in the DHS Data Warehouse. Users can sort by time period, view participation in multiple services, and filter counts demographically and geographically. If you require assistance, please contact






Client View provides information about DHS clients and their service involvement, including involvement across multiple DHS program offices. Demographic information is also available, as well as service plans, assessments and eDocuments.




The purpose of this tool is to help users determine the outcomes of various programs or services.  That information can then be used to measure a program’s success.  Current outcomes include: re-bookings and  re-convictions in the area Criminal Justice, home removals and parent or child active in the area of Children, Youth and Families and performance and attendance rates in the area of Education.




The reports portal provides one convenient location for viewing automated reports and dashboards in areas such as:  Basic Needs, Children and Families, Disabilities, Behavioral Health, Older Adults and Cross System Involvement.