Program Involvement of Individuals Booked in Allegheny County Jail: Interactive Dashboard


This interactive dashboard shows what share of the Allegheny County jail population was involved in human services, received publicly funded physical/behavioral health services or public benefits, or had some involvement with the justice system (juvenile justice, adult probation or jail) before their booking. Users can view results by year of booking and proximity of service involvement to booking. They can also filter results by race, legal sex and age at jail booking. Data comes from the Allegheny County Data Warehouse.

Customize the dashboard
Use the dropdown boxes above the dashboard to filter by year, timeframe, race, legal sex and age at booking. Use the revert button at the bottom of the dashboard to clear selections and start over.

Want more information?
Click on the Data and Definitions tab to view data sources and definitions of the terms used. If you have further questions, email