Allegheny County Jail Population Management Dashboards


These dashboards provide an overview of the population incarcerated in the Allegheny County Jail (ACJ) from 2010 to the present. The dashboards display information about the people booked in the ACJ; the people incarcerated in ACJ’s Alternative Housing program; and trends in the number of bookings, releases and lengths of stay for people booked in the jail. The dashboards rely on data from the Allegheny County Jail Offender Management System and are updated daily.

Customize the dashboard data
After selecting one of the dashboards below, use the dropdown lists on the left to filter the data. Alternatively, you can filter the charts by clicking on categories within the charts. Holding the control key allows you to select more than one category in a chart.

Try it out
For example, to explore the number of female individuals booked in the jail over the past two years, select the “Jail Population Overview” dashboard. Next, select “Last 2 years” from the date dropdown. Then, choose “female” in the gender dropdown or click on “female” in the gender chart. The charts will filter to display data corresponding to your selections. Hover over data points for more detail.

To start over, click “revert” at the bottom of the dashboard.

Want more information?
Click on the Data and Definitions tab to view definitions of the terms used and data sources. If you have further questions, email

Note: dashboards are not optimized for mobile devices.