Use of Force in the City of Pittsburgh, 2010 through 2015


The Pittsburgh Bureau of Police tracks each incident in which an officer uses force with a subject; these Subject Resistance Reports were analyzed to identify trends and areas in which further evaluation or action is warranted.  The analysis shows that use of force in the City of Pittsburgh is rare, occurring in less than one percent of all calls for service.  The number of incidents decreased by 16 percent from 2010 through 2015, but the decrease did not keep pace with a concurrent decrease in the number of arrests. One in 10 arrests involved use of force and 34 percent of use-of-force incidents resulted in injury to a suspect.  During the six-year study period, the use of force rate was higher than expected for black individuals, although this disproportionality decreased by half from 2010 to 2015.  These findings and others are explored in greater depth in this report.

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