Crime in the City of Pittsburgh, 2010–Present


The dashboard below displays crime data collected by the City of Pittsburgh and reported to state and federal agencies under the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) program. Use the interactive features to delve into the specific data you want to see.

Data is provided by the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police and is updated monthly; see the upper right of the dashboard for the date of the most recent update.

Customize the data
Use the dropdown boxes to filter by offense, year and neighborhood. Click on other areas of the visualization to filter by offense type, time of day and day of the week. Holding the control key allows you to choose more than one selection in a chart. You can also hover over data points for more detail.

Try it out
For example, to find out how many burglaries and robberies were committed during nights in 2016, choose 2016 from the “Select Year” dropdown box. Next, click on “Burglary” in the bar chart, then hold the control key and click on “Robbery.” Finally, click on the “Night” row in the “When do offenses occur?” chart. The other charts will filter to display data corresponding to your selections. Hovering over the “Burglary” bar will now display count and percentage for that crime type during the year and time of day you have selected.

Ready to explore different filters? Click the “revert” button at the bottom of the page to clear all filters and start over.

Want more information?
Click on the “Data and Definitions” tab to view definitions of the terms used, data sources and data partners. If you have questions, email

Problems viewing the dashboard? You can view it directly in Tableau Server.